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Outdoor Classroom Update

Outdoor Classroom Update

Sam Rochford put together an impressive plan for her Eagle Scout Project.  She worked to secure funding and volunteers to provide our students with an opportunity to learn in another environment.  Upon the completion of her planned project, the Windham School District and School Board approved the additional funding needed to create flooring and seating in this learning space.  Robin Wilson worked with the Principal, B.J. Martin to come up with a plan to finalize the project with some natural seating. 

The staff and students are thrilled to take their learning outside!  Research has shown that outdoor learning can have huge benefits on student mental health and academic performance.  

The picture on the left is the actual structure that was built by Sam Rochford and her team.  The picture on the right shows the L shaped seating with tabletops that will be built within the structure along with the natural stone seating in the middle section.


Outdoor Dedication Brochure

Photos from the Dedication Ceremony