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PTA Reflections Awards 2022-2023

PTA Reflections Awards 2022-2023

Students were asked to create a piece of art to show their voice. WCS students chose dance and film in very imaginative ways. All the students were so brilliant their pieces are now entered into the state competition!

Dance Choreography Intermediate Division

Reagan Morgan 1st place

My Little Voice

Music is “Little Voice” by Sara Bareilles

My work relates to the theme because it shows how even little voices can have an impact. With this choreography, I tried to show that however small you are, you can do big things. Like the song says, sometimes a little voice can say the biggest things. 

Judges Comment: Beautiful! Excellent job with musicality and energy in your movements. Overall, beautifully done. 

Film Production Intermediate Division

Nathan Bova 1st Place

Wolf Attack

Wolf Attack is a short film that I created using 193 separate images. I created this film using my own hands and my own voice. I hope you enjoy it!

Judges comment:  In this classic Toho-style monster movie, a gigantic wolf and cub attack the city, and the military struggles to stop them. This highly detailed and diligently-made piece demonstrates an excellent command of stop motion techniques. A strong feel for  visual storytelling is apparent, as the filmmaker incorporates a variety of camera angles to convey suspense, horror, and a sense of grand scale. A fun and well-made film, nicely done!

 Film Production Middle Division

Matthew Dona 2nd place

Making the world a better place

I want to invent and build things to make the world a better place when I grow up!

Judges comment: This piece is a documentary profiling the filmmaker, who is also an engineer and inventor. He successfully demonstrates his robot, which he uses to automatically feed his dog. Very impressive STEM abilities are on display here, and the inventor’s passion for his craft is evident and laudable. Awesome robot and very cute dog!

Film Production Middle Division

Miriam Gilani 1st place

My Voice

I will show my voice by teaching others to conserve water.

Judges comment: Taking the form of a public service announcement, the filmmaker used their voice to highlight an important environmental issue. This choice helps to convey a deeper idea: that one should use their voice to help make the world a better place. Using onscreen text, infographics, and original footage that illustrates methods for saving water, this piece cleanly and effectively conveys its message. It also cites its sources, which, in an age of prolific misinformation, is an effective way to establish credibility with the viewer. Well done!