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WCS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I do if my student will be absent today?
    1.  Please put your absence into Pick Up Patrol under the Dismissal Plan for the day or call the absent line before 7:40AM at 603-845-1554 option 1.

  2. What do I need to do If I am picking up my child early from school?
    1. Please put the early dismissal into pick up Patrol and state who is picking your child up. Then the person who is dismissing your child would need to come into the office to sign the student out and show their ID.

  3. I have a new phone number, where do I change this?
    1. Please go into your students info snap account and change the number there.

  4. If my student is going to be tardy today, what is the process when I get to WCS?
    1.  Please put your tardy into Pick Up Patrol after clicking on the option under your child’s name that states “arriving late” in blue.  Upon your arrival come into the WCS lobby and fill out an admittance pass.  Your child will then enter the office with their pass and you will go back into the Pick Up Patrol site and click the button “checked in.”

  5. What time does school start?
    1. School starts and attendance is taken at 7:40am. Students are expected to be in the building and sitting in their classroom ready for learning at 7:40.  The first group of students is let out of cars at drop off at 7:15am and the back gate closes at 7:29am. You are then welcome to drop off your student at the front door from 7:29am to 7:38. Students that arrive  past 7:38 must be accompanied into the lobby and office to follow the sign in process.

  6. What time does school end?
    1. 2:20pm

  7. What time should I come for car dismissal?
    1. The back gate opens at 1:45pm. Students are let out of the building at 2:20pm and car dismissal is complete around 2:30pm.If you arrive after 2:30, you will need to pick your child up in the office.

  8. My Students end of day plans have changed, what do I do?
    1. Please go into Pick Up Patrol before 1:30pm to enter any changes to your students' dismissal plans. The teachers get sent a copy of their pick up patrol changes after the 1:30pm cut off time. If there are any plan changes after 1:30pm you will need to email [email protected] with dismal directions AND you will need to call the office staff at 603 845 1554 ext. 3802

  9. I have something to drop off for my student, what should I do?
    1. Please come into the lobby and fill out a sticky note with your child's name on it, stick it to the item and leave it on the middle table in the lobby and staff will call your student down to retrieve the item.

  10. What is the latest time I can pick up my student at the end of the day?
    1. We ask that you pick up from the office by 1:45pm.  The office is very busy at the end of the day and picking up past that time may result in extra wait time as well as getting caught by the buses arriving.